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Transcribe Speech in Any Language with AI

Vocaldo uses cutting-edge AI to convert speech to text in over 100 languages. Save time and increase productivity with our accurate, fast, and easy-to-use transcription service.

How Vocaldo Works


Simply upload your audio or video file to our secure platform.


Our AI analyzes and transcribes your content with high accuracy.


Optionally translate your transcription into multiple languages.


Get your accurate transcription in various formats (TXT, SRT, VTT).

Experience the Vocaldo Difference

Where You Want to Be

  • Effortlessly transcribe hours of content in minutes
  • Achieve 95%+ accuracy in transcriptions
  • Expand your reach with multi-language support

The Benefits You'll Enjoy

  • Save countless hours and boost productivity
  • Improve communication and reduce misunderstandings
  • Expand your global reach and impact

Why Choose Vocaldo?


Multi-Language Support

Transcribe audio in over 100 languages with high accuracy.

Lightning-Fast Results

Get your transcriptions in minutes, not hours.


Unmatched Accuracy

AI-powered engine ensures reliable and precise transcripts.


Summary Generation

Get concise summaries of your transcribed content automatically.


Translate to Any Language

Easily translate your transcriptions into multiple languages.


Multiple Formats

Download transcripts and translations in TXT, SRT, or VTT formats.


Secure & Confidential

Your audio files and transcripts are always protected.


Free Tier Available

Start transcribing immediately with our feature-rich free plan.

Experience Vocaldo's Precision in Action

Sample Transcription:

[00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.000] Welcome to Vocaldo, where we transform your audio into accurate text in any language.

[00:00:06.000 - 00:00:10.000] Our AI-powered platform is designed to make transcription effortless and precise.

[00:00:11.000 - 00:00:15.000] It's incredible how quick and accurate the transcription is,

[00:00:15.000 - 00:00:20.000] no matter the language. Can you tell us more about how Vocaldo works?

[00:00:20.000 - 00:00:25.000] Absolutely! Vocaldo uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to analyze audio

[00:00:25.000 - 00:00:31.000] and convert it to text. Our system can handle multiple speakers, various accents,

[00:00:31.000 - 00:00:34.000] and even background noise with remarkable accuracy.

[00:00:35.000 - 00:00:39.000] That's impressive! What about different file formats and languages?

[00:00:39.000 - 00:00:44.000] Great question! Vocaldo supports a wide range of audio and video formats,

[00:00:44.000 - 00:00:51.000] including MP3, WAV, MP4, and more. As for languages, we currently support

[00:00:52.000 - 00:00:57.000] 100 languages and dialects, making it perfect for global content creators and businesses.

[00:00:58.000 - 00:01:03.000] Wow! That's versatile! How fast can users expect to get their transcriptions?

[00:01:03.000 - 00:01:08.000] Speed is one of our key features. Most transcriptions are completed within minutes,

[00:01:08.000 - 00:01:15.000] not hours. For example, a 60-minute audio file typically takes about 5 to 10 minutes to

[00:01:15.000 - 00:01:22.000] transcribe, depending on the complexity. That's incredibly fast! What about accuracy and editing

[00:01:22.000 - 00:01:30.000] options? Our accuracy rate is consistently above 95% for clear audio. Plus, we offer an intuitive

[00:01:30.000 - 00:01:36.000] editor where users can easily review and refine their transcripts. You can adjust timings,

[00:01:36.000 - 00:01:40.000] correct any misheard words, and even add speaker labels.

[00:01:40.000 - 00:01:46.000] It sounds like Vocaldo has thought of everything. How can people get started?

[00:01:46.000 - 00:01:52.000] It's simple. You can start using Vocaldo for free today. Just sign up on our website,

[00:01:52.000 - 00:01:57.000] upload your first audio or video file, and experience the power of AI transcription yourself.

[00:01:58.000 - 00:02:04.000] We offer 3 free transcriptions per month, with affordable plans for more frequent users.

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Tired of Wasting Time on Manual Transcription?

The Struggle is Real

  • Hours spent manually transcribing audio and video files
  • Inaccurate transcriptions leading to misunderstandings
  • Difficulty in handling multiple languages

The Cost of Inaction

  • Missed deadlines and opportunities due to slow transcription process
  • Increased stress and frustration for you and your team
  • Limited global reach due to language barriers

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  • ✅ 3 transcriptions/day
  • ✅ 5 minutes total length
  • ✅ All language support
  • ✅ Watermark
  • ❌ Priority processing
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$29/One Time Payment

  • ✅ Unlimited transcriptions
  • ✅ Unlimited total length
  • ✅ All language support
  • ✅ Remove Vocaldo Watermark
  • ✅ Priority processing
  • ✅ Generate Summary
  • ✅ Translate to Any Language
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About Vocaldo

Vocaldo was born out of frustration with existing transcription tools. As content creators ourselves, we wanted a faster, more accurate, and user-friendly solution for transcribing audio and video content.

Our team of AI experts and language enthusiasts worked tirelessly to develop a cutting-edge speech-to-text engine that delivers unparalleled accuracy across multiple languages.

Since our launch, Vocaldo has been featured in TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and AI News for our innovative approach to transcription. We're proud to have helped thousands of content creators, journalists, and businesses streamline their workflows and reach global audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the transcription?

Our AI-powered engine provides industry-leading accuracy, typically achieving 95%+ accuracy for clear audio in supported languages.

What file formats are supported?

We support a wide range of audio and video formats, including MP3, WAV, MP4, and more. Check our documentation for a full list.

How long does transcription take?

Transcription time depends on the file length, but most files are processed within minutes. Unlimited plan users enjoy priority processing for faster results.

Is my data secure?

Yes, we take data security seriously. All uploads are encrypted, and files are deleted from our servers after processing unless you choose to save them in your account.

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